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OpenBCI open-source Brain-Body-Bio computer-interface

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OBWI brain-duino : MeTaVolutiON

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Design at Berlin, UK and San Francisco.

brain-duino design is based on original IBVA OPAMP ( shipped on 1991 ), Bluetooth IBVA Filter ( shipped on 2006 ) and new INAMP. it is high quality brain wave interface.

brain-duino works with IBVA Mac application and BrainBay PC application.

also you can develop own application interface.

in case interested in IBVA port project then contact to : DreamTeam Noisebridge San Francisco

difference between brain-duino and product IBVA:

sampling frequency is set to 512 Hz and high cut filter frequency set to 30 Hz and 200 Hz. product IBVA can set sampling frequency 120 Hz to 1900 Hz and high cut filter frequency set to 0.1 to 1 ratio of sampling frequency.

brain-duino is based on Arduino and open hardware, so you can change sampling frequency and high cut filter frequency by your self to modify Arduino code and/or circuit.

frequency range : 0.16 Hz to 30 Hz / 200 Hz -3db

sampling frequency : 512 Hz ( adjustable )

input voltage range : +100 µV .. -100µV

input impedance : 10 T ohm

Power use : 150 mA ( max 360 mA ) 5 V

one Board is 2 ch, stack two boards together makes 4 ch.

24 bit AD version brain-duino

Assemble, construction and setup

How to assembled :

How to construct with Arduino :

How to setup electrode and cable :

How to reduce noise from Bluetooth interface :

brain-duino in the Box setup:

option parts, parts list, Bluetooth, elecrdoe, 24bit AD, etc. :

can be configure with some option circuit depend on needs.

Sale unit is included Option A.

Download PCB and circuit eagle files for brain-duino V0.1 / V0.2 and Arduino code




other info: