I have seen the UFO several times with Manhattan, Cape Town, Swaziland, etc. different type of  small size solid object that included Adamski type UFO. Few times is more like small light object. A big UFO has not observed it and there be not even the direct encounter with an alien and even that got on and also enter in the UFO there is not. However, it is doing many times of mysterious experience. It is regarding that I am reading with nature usually furthermore, new technology, such as every day life, dream, seeing though, the airplane and computer. As for I, there are sometimes the experience, communication with hyper being. Perhaps other person may call it a god, aliens, angel, etc.

Following data is based on my IBVA development start since 1983.
Actually start my mysterious experience since I was 5 month old, 1951, after I moved to Sapporo from Muroran Hokkaido Japan, that is not included here. 

UFO 1947 - 1967 :
masahiro 1951 - 2003 :
History of Brain Computer human interface  : Tesla to 1989 :
Electric-Radio-Computer-UFO-Drug History 13XX ..2010 :
Communication Arecibo Radio Message transmission 1974: November 16 :
Project Pegasus, Andrew D.Basiago secret DARPA program.

time travel and teleportation. 2009: November :

Exsounivercity : Alfred Webre : 2012, 2013.

1975: QC animation. ( only works with OSX10.4, 10.5, 10.6. 10 to 20 second to load )
Jan 28 :  In Hinwil Switzerland first  Pleiadian UFO contact by Billy Meier.
April : In USA, consumer product age computer system start Microsoft by Bill Gates and Paul Allen,  Apple by Steve Jobs, Stephen Gary Wozniak ( Apple I ).
July 3 : In Sapporo Japan Etsu Kahata was born between me and Masako Kahata (XX wife).
Nov 5 : Travis Walton UFO abduction story become a movie “Fire in the sky” in 1993.

1975 is new start for me that related UFO, Computer and my daughter.
20 years later:
1995 is next start related Crop Circle, hyper space and my X wife Ayumi and my girlfriend Hiyori.

    1973:                                            1983:                                      1984:
TPT Amp with LED/LCD meter          Lisa                                             Mac with 24 channel Mixer.

Sapporo brain wave experience :
1983 - January, Lisa was the first human interface consumer computer. I order it January, got it
December in Sapporo Japan.

1984 - January , Apple released the Mac 128K. The TV Movie "PIRATES of SILICON VALLEY" (20-27 June 1999 one week every day on air) is the history for Lisa / Mac and Windows. Bill Gates, Microsoft was very interested in Lisa computer at that time. This Human Computer interface research leads to me being headhunted by ASC II Corporation in Japan.
ASC II LAB and  Psychic Lab :
1985 - January, I became as the head of research laboratory for ASC II. In 1978 Nov 1, Microsoft created first overseas office in Japan : ASC II Microsoft by Kazuhiko Nishi. He was ASC II Vice president also Microsoft Vice president at that time. ASC II Laboratory was created with Takeshi Yoshizaki’s idea and Nishi’s permission. Takeshi Yoshizaki was the founder chief editor of “I/O”, “ASC II”, “Login” which was beginning of the Japanese micro computer Magazine.
Takeshi Yoshizaki likes my work including UFO, Psychic and brain wave interactive research - his fear of future Tokyo earthquakes may explain this.
I tested Alpha version of Windows computer developed by Microsoft, ASC II and NEC.

1986 - ASC II needed to divides into ASC II and Microsoft Japan under new management. I was requested to make brain interface for Windows machine and for Game machine, and to stop UFO & Psychic research.
Takeshi Yoshizaki created High Tech Lab Japan, I and all lab member move to there and operate one year.
1987 - Dec 9, Windows 2.0. 1988 Jan V2.0.3
1988 - I start to develop IBVA at Psychic Lab Corporation in Sapporo Japan. Hardware manufacture was Random electronics design in Tokyo Japan.
Oct 12 : Next cube with Next Step by Steve Jobs, Next Inc. $6,500. 25MHz 68030, 8MB RAM, 17” monochrome monitor.
Nov : I did first time open brain wave experience that use prototype IBVA and color Mac II at Sapporo City Education hall.
Kiyita’s psychic vending spoon experience.
1989 - IBVA prototype experience. I move to New York USA. Sapporo & Manhattan NY.

Twenty years later of in 2009, especially the very big change of since that begins this earth in November from October thinks as it occurred.
It has taken over 35 years to discover the threshold for human senses, it’s has depended on computer speed & hardware I/O technology and UFO open & Psychic sense & hyper being communication, etc.
A suitably powerful human interface computer system needs like a 3 .. 5 GHz, Quad to Sixteen Core with display resolution 2700 X 4100, OLED display (Organic Light Emitting Diode).
As for the new system a present condition, there are i7 iMac and iPhone3GS. 2010 is the beginning of the 3D real-time interactive and feed back system that included Tablet Mac. Especially QC (Quartz Composer) + OpenCL are interesting. Time is likely to be required yet by the time the OLED display is used to MacBook Pro, iMac, iPhone and Tablet Mac.

However, it is the big event that did not observe it even if the topics that I introduce from this think with my life.

--- UFO Open by different country's government and it’s agency
1989 : Russia Open UFO files.  Japanese “Soviet Union Today” Magazine.
1992  : Spain, The UFO secret archives guarded for years by Spanish military force were declassified. That was one of the most important event during the Spanish UFO research between 1947 and 1997.
1997 - 2007-2009 : Chile's government organization CEFAA -- [Comite De Estudios De Fenomenos Aeros Anomalos] translated into English, "The Committee for the Study of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena." .
2003 - Nov, 2005 April : Finland , Finnish officials have filmed UFOs by infrared video at least twice. The Finnish UFO Research Association FUFORA has received the videos for further analysis.
2004 - 5 Oct : Mexican Air force open UFO files in Oct 5, 2004.
2005 - 20 May : Brazilian Air Force (FAB) open UFO files in Friday.
2007 -22 March : France space agency (cnes) open UFO files.
2007 - Oct : MOD = British Ministry of Defense open UFO files ( 12,000 files this 50 years ).
( NO 1: 14 May 2008, NO 2: Oct 2008, NO 3: March 2009, NO 4:Aug 2009, NO 5: Feb 2010, NO 6: Aug 2010. NO 7: March 2011. NO 8: 11 Aug 2011. NO 9: 17 July 2012. NO 10: June 2013, however
MOD decided closes UFO hotline on 1 December 2009. MOD page. Still we can access UFO archives at UK government national archives.).
2008 - 13 May : In the Vatican newspaper piece, titled "The Extraterrestrial Is My Brother," the Rev. Jose Gabriel Funes said the expansiveness of the universe means there could be life on planets other than Earth.
2009 - 29 Jan : Denmark Air Force. UFO Disclosure.
2009 - 20 Feb : Canada open UFO X files: Oct 29 2007
2009 - 4 May : Brazilian Government disclosed over 600 UFO new pages. new April 2013
2009 - 9 May : Sweden disclosing 18000 UFO x-files.
2009 - 24 June : Uruguayan air force declassifies UFO files.
2009 - 21 July : Russian navy has declassifies UFO files. new Feb, July 2013.
2010 - 27 Sep : United Nations.The United Nations Office of Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) has announced that it will consider drafting protocols for what to do when we finally make contact with extra-terrestrial civilizations in space. What's prompting the UN to consider this possibility is the fact that astronomers are expected to announce, perhaps later this year or next year, that our satellites (such as Kepler and Corot) have identified earth-like planets in space.
2010 - 22 Dec : New Zealand military, hundreds of classified UFO reports released.
2010 - 29 Dec : The Argentinean Air Force (AAF) UFO reports.
2011 - 19 Feb : Chile’s Office of Civil Aeronautics : Comité de Estudios de Fenomenos Aereos Anómalos (CEFAA)
2012 - 5 Aug : Australia National Archives : Australia’s secret UFO files released. new May 2013.
2013 : Ukraine.
2013 - 18 Oct : Peruvian Air Force (FAP) announced re-instate their UFO department : Office of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena Research (OIFAA). OIFAA originally opened 2001-2005.

in USA,
CIA and FBI has UFO page also.
2007 - 18 November : Japanese government official say UFOs exist.

--- Electric circuit design revolution : memoristors The fourth passive component type.
April 30, 2008 memoristors introduced by HP’s Quantum Systems Labs.
The fourth passive component type after capacitors, resistors and inductors. This will alter electric circuit design in future. It is the very big revolution that has not occurred even for more than 100 years with electric circuit design.

I help very big it regarding this process and thank for my X-wife Ayumi Furuya and my girlfriend Hiyori Sakashita and hyper beings that took the trouble to do it very much.
Thank you in the people of America and other countries who took the trouble to do the job with the persons, IBVA users, who are working for the disclosure of UFO, disclosure new technology furthermore my XX wife Masako Kahata and daughter Etsu Kahata.

Hiyori is in Japan with my most important Ayumi. The earthquake of Japan is anxious about it.
Only Japan has two frequency 50 Hz and 60 Hz AC power, all other country has only one frequency. Hiyori lived in Sapporo which is 50 Hz north end. Ayumi lived in Nagano which is 60 Hz north end.  I don’t know how related with hyper nature technology and this AC frequency difference. However there is High power Zero point energy spot "Kiba" . According to Japan Earthquake survey organization, this area’s Earthquake occurs with the probability of 2 times higher than any other location in Japan.
Hopefully some person from other planet and other hyper space they can work together to fix Japan Earthquake problem & other this planet problem and universe & multiverse problem and hyper space city & hyper nature problem. I think hyper nature technology is very remarkable technology and be interested very much, although I think that it is the technology that is necessary to use it really, especially when be the condition like this star. however with my current condition can not keep continue to do psychic interactive hyper space operation. we ( mean person in this planet and from other planet and other hyper space ) need to work together some how.

I think some case of UFO’s are transportation vehicle like air plane, rocket and car and/or house, city, country, star system. Hyper beings does not require something like the UFO fundamentally. I’m interested how the persons of the various stars who have gotten the UFO understand the Hyper Space to the way that says. I’m interested who are making the animation of my psychic interactive hyper space operation.
I think that the Crop Circle is transforming to this planet hyper space from other hyper space as the image with a very interesting method. Always getting complex images.
Our technology and knowledge are very basic in comparison with the persons who do not use and also use the UFO and be coming to this star. The existence of stage 0 and stage 1 in the difference,
Michio kaku say exists and be expressing with the difference of Ant and Person with.
A lot of time are required to the study and experience of such a theme very. The main idea of IBVA is enjoyable the acceleration study of such theme and be to do effectively.

History of Brain Computer human interface  : Tesla to 1989 :

20 years history between 1989 to 2009

1989 -
IBVA prototype experience. Sapporo & Manhattan NY.
I move to New York USA.
June : With friend
Bill Cote, Carol, John, I went Markawashi, Machupichu, etc. Peru for IBVA prototype experience.
Russia UFO Open. Japanese “Soviet Union Today” Magazine.
“Circular Evidence” by Pat Delgado & Colin Andrews published. at this point Crop Circle patterns are mostly circle only.
1990 -
Crop Circle pattern getting more complex in UK
CSETI was funded by Steven M Greer ( Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence )
UFO, Psychic, Science Cover Up analyze hyper media system by psychic lab.
1991 -
Jan: Microsoft releases the second version of Windows, version 2.03. Seeing as 1.01 was almost unusable, many improvements (much of which was taken from the Mac) were made. Include such as Mac like icons, and overlapping instead of tiling windows.
Feb : Start demonstration IBVA in Japan.
March 12 : Psychic Lab Inc. formed in NY USA.
April : First IBVA V1.0.2 shipped b
y Psychic Lab. IBVA is worlds first commercial biofeedback system which is operated with window and mouse computer system.
June 9 : First
Crop Circle near stonehenge. After this Crop Circle near by stonehenge appeared only in 1996,1997 and 2002.
Jul 3 : IBM sent a letter of intent to Apple, saying it would help finish Pink and license its RISC processor in the works (PowerPC).
Oct 2 : The Apple/IBM alliance becomes official. Among the many agreements, Apple and IBM will create PowerPC-based machines and produce two companies, Taligent and Kaleida.
Nov 1 : ESPER Lab by Yoichiro Sako, Sony Japan. Based on 1988 Pulse graph research department by Masaru Ibuka.
1992 -
Start demonstration and sale the IBVA in US. The IBVA brochure used crop circle & Nikola Tesla’s face design.
Feb 27 : First time telling story for “face on the Mars” in UN. The United Nations Briefing The Terrestrial Connection : Hougland’s MARS.
Feb 27 : First time in USA with Green card Kahata family that time ( with Masako and Etsu ).

1993 -
Movie “Fire in the Sky” based on 1975 Travis Walton story.
Movie “Philadelphia Experiment II”
Alias starts the development of a new entertainment software, later known as Maya.
Apr : Ingo Swan, Antonio Huneeus at Psychic Lab NY.
July 26 : first
crop circle appeared in New York.
Aug 13 : First
Crop Circle I saw from charter air plane in UK.
Aug 14 : Start
brain wave experiment in the Crop Circle with Colin Andrews.
Timothy Leary play with IBVA by Ghosuke Takama in CA.
Oct 4 : Office of Declassification. U.S. Department of Energy open.

1994 -
Jan 25 : Letter of Intent Between Psychic Lab, Inc. (Masahiro Kahata) & Zen Over Zero Corp (Drew DeVito), to start IBVA Technologies. For IBVA business operation.
Feb 19 : New York city put
Nikola Tesla Corner -1, 2, 3 at Avenue of the Americas, 40th Street. New York Times News Paper.
Start LAB Garage project to make digital data base on CD / Laser disk for UFO, Crop Circle, Dolphin research. met my girlfriend hiyori.
Dec 25 : Shows IBVA and my work at Sim-TV2, NHK Satellite TV Japan. internet + Timothy Leary + Dolphin + folk vending animation by IBVA brain wave Haluomi Hosono

1995 -
Jan 3 : start LAB Garage office in Manhattan. met my X wife Ayumi.
Jan : Six finger Alien Autopsy film was released by UFO researcher
was the turning year for 3D real-time interactive / feed back programming and hyperspace research.
Quantum Teleportation research by IBM
March: "Unidentified Flying Objects Briefing Document" by Mr. Laurence Rockefeller founded. 1,000 copy made, since 1994 by Sandra Wright, Antonio Huneeus.
ADA95 Lovelace by DOD.
May : something happened in my remote viewing world in Amsterdam.
May : CNN strange news.
May : Problems Mir Space Station, Russia.
July 2 : The master of "Qi gong" Chow zhi xiang from China found High power Zero point energy spot
"Kiba"     Nagano Japan.
July : Stop LAB Garage project. In generally say that this caused by masahiro and ayumi’s Immoral. Masahiro don’t think that way.
July : Ayumi and Masahiro had strange experience in Amsterdam.
July 12 : a crop circle appeared featuring a solar system, without an earth, in UK.
July 28 : United States General Accounting Office Report to Congressman Steve Schiff regarding a Search for Records Concerning the 1947 Near Roswell, New Mexico Crash, USA.
Aug 9 : Jerry Ggarcia died at a Forest Knolls drug rehabilitation center, US. Late leader of the Grateful Dead.
Aug : Six finger Alien Autopsy film on air in UK and Europe.
Sep : United Nation 50th Anniversary ceremony in New York.
Sep 29 : US government, Bill Clinton officially announced Aria 51 exist. over 50 years cover up. 95-45 Presidential Determination.
Oct : Club “Lihm Light” & “Tunnel” closed, first time by Drug sell, New York.
Oct : John Poll II first time in New York.
Oct : Ayumi and Masahiro got new room in Manhattan. hiyori visited.
1996 -
Jan 7 : one day big snow stop all NY. No airplane fright that day except only one airplane that we have ticket for SF from Newark. However we couldn’t  go Air port, no taxi cab, so we couldn’t join wired party at SF.
Jan : Ghost appeared New York Radio station. A lot of anomaly in New York.
Mar : Comet Hyakutake
photo-1, photo-2 15 million Km from Earh = 0.1 AU
May : Sold two Next cube then Ayumi and Masahiro move to London, start psychiclub.
May 31 :
Timothy Leary died in Beverly Hills, CA, US.
July 4,5 : The first Netherlands crop circle.
July 6: Hakui museum open : space and space development. SETI or the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, and then UFOs, Hakui Ishikawa Prefecture’s Japan.
July 7 :
Crop Circle in Day time near stonehenge.
Aug 7 : NASA said “Mars life”, found in meteorite ALH84001.
Oct 7 : Masahiro and Masako divorced.
Nov :
The DVD Video format was first introduced by Toshiba in Japan.
Dec : Apple buys Next, Inc. for $430 million.
Dec 31 :
US Patent US5590031for Zero Point Energy system by Flankln B. Mead, Jr., Jack Nachamkin. "SYSTEM FOR CONVERTING ELECTROMAGNEFIC RADIATION ENERGY TO ELECTRICAL ENERGY " .
1997 -
Jan 26 : Steve Jobs, back as an “adviser” due to the Next deal, announces the future of Rhapsody (current MacOSX) , etc.
Jan :
OpenNet by Department of Energy, US
Feb 1 .. May 2 :
Comet Hale-Bopp-1, 2 / 4200 year a time to close Earth ( 197 million Km = 1.3 AU ).
IBVA windows beta version test start by IBVA Tech.
Feb : Nikola Tesla art show in Paris, France.
Feb : DNA Clone sheep announce by Scotland, UK.
Feb : Cave man DNA research in UK.
Feb 22 : Uri Geller demonstrate Psychic in London with USA Army.
Mar 13 : V shape UFO in Phoenix Arizona ( so called Phoenix light ). many witness and photo & video movie. ( ref. V shape UFO in 1951 )
May 9 : Ayumi and Masahiro move to Amsterdam from London.
May 9 : Nikola Tesla exhibit at
Mr.2000 Amsterdam.
May : EU head meeting in Amsterdam.
Jun : space city experiment in Amsterdam. a lot of US air force jet fling over Amsterdam.
Jun - Nov: TMF (Amsterdam), MTV (UK) are getting strange.
Jun 9 :
Crop Circle near stonehenge.
July 4-8 : 50th Anniversary Roswell Incident at San Antonio, US.
July.Aug :
Crop Circle Brain wave experience by Ayumi, Masahiro, and Colin / Chincia Andrews.
Aug : Time Out magazine’s Drug (ecstasy, Marijuana, etc.) report, UK.
Aug 6 : former “adviser” Steve Jobs becomes “de facto head”, announces Microsoft alliance at the Macworld Expo in Boston.
Aug 31 : Diana died in Paris, France.
Sep 5 : Mother Teresa died. she was anti abortion.
Sep : NASA’s Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) start go around Mars.
Sep 5 : More problems, Mir Space Station, Russia.
Sep : Cigarette is drug statement by Clinton, US.
Oct : Scotland Wales got back their identity in UK.

1998 -
100th Anniversary for radio controlled ship demonstration by Nikola Tesla, at Madison square garden 1898 NY US.
Feb : Ninja tune / Matt concert in Nagano Japan.
Feb : Ayumi and Masahiro back to Nagano / Tokyo Japan from Amsterdam.
Feb 9..23 : Nagano winter Olympic.
Nagano Japan
March end : ESPER Lab was closed Sony Japan.
March : “21st century science” conference at White House east hall by Hawing & Clinton. Un-predictive to future, Antigravity, Time travel, Human DNA clone, cancellation for infinity particles, etc.
April-May : "Hyper space city Manhattan" open.
May 19 : Control of Galaxy IV was lost. The main suspect  is a solar flare.
Patent was canceled for ACC (American Computer Company in New Jersey) that for TCAP, Roswell, New Mexico microchip 12,000GHz, 300GB RAM.
Alias|Wavefront's introduces its new 3D flagship product Maya. ILM chooses Maya to create visual effects.

Apr : Mr. Laurence Rockefeller founded research for crop circle, until end of 2,000. work with Colin Andrews.
Apr 5,14,24 :
Cydonia image released to the web by NASA Mars Global Surveyor (MGS)
Apr 30.. May 26 : Mars Sun Earth solar conjunction period. MGS can not communicate by radio for this period.
May 1,2,3 : New Millennium expo at the hotel New Yorker.
May 22 : Dolphin Dance.
July 8-10 : “
Best of show awards” IBVA by Imagination Unlimited at New York Mac world.
1999 -
Apr 2..25 : Tesla’s Letters : PLAY at the Ensemble Studio Theatre New York : A Festival of New Dramatic Works Exploring The World of Science and Technology.
Jun 16 :
First Crop Circle at near Chilbolton Radio Telescope, Hampshire UK.
Jun 20-27 : "
Pirates of Silicon Valley" TNT TV movie, history of Apple and Microsoft.
July 16 friday :
Cometa Report : an important document was published in France entitled, UFO and Defense: What must we be prepared for ?.
Dec 31 -> 2000 Jan 2  : y2K party by blacksheep, London UK.

2000 -
Bill Gate contact to ACC that for Tera Hz Computer.
Aug 13 :
2nd Crop Circle at near Chilbolton Radio Telescope, Hampshire UK.
Oct :
Sony Computer Entertainment America start brain wave interactive game research with IBVA Tech. until March, 2002.
Dec 8 :
IBVA windows version 1.0 start to ship by IBVA Tech.
Dec 12 :
First time TV show for TESLA, "TESLA: Master of Lighting", by PBS on cable, including Radio Patent war with Marconi, Electric war with Edison, current HAARP story. TESLA was never showed on public TV like this way before.
2001 -
Mar 24 : Apple "Mac OSX" final ship. (But not include digital video, USB, etc)
May 7 : "God & the Brain” How we're Wired for Spirituality, Newsweek magazine International edition, shows Mariko Mori's Art.
May 8 :
"Life On Mars? New Scientific Evidence" a press conference was held in Hotel New Yorker, New York City which many are calling a scientific milestone. NASA released Mars surface photo graph with none censorship as first time. it's shows artificial structure and water ice on Mars. Hosted by Michael Luckman. Video document by Bill Cote, BC studio New York.
May 9 : "
Disclosure Project Press Conference on Extraterrestrials" at National Press Club White House Washington DC by military intelligence, government and corporate. Conference QT movie was 6 month on the web.
May : "Composing music with computer" by Eduardo Miranda. Introduce to use IBVA coherence function for composing music.
June 29 : Artificial Intelligence : AI Movie start in USA.
July :
Maya V3.5 complete (by Alias|wavefront, Silicon Graphics Limited) for MAC OSX announced at New York Mac World.
Jun .. July : hikoukinonakadenakusu.
Aug 21 :
3rd Crop Circle at near Chilbolton Radio Telescope, Hampshire UK. Answer for 1974 Arecibo Radio Telescope radio transmission.
Sep 11 : 911 in Manhattan NY.
Coverup story.
Sep 30 :
John C.Lilly died.
Oct : "Wave UFO" interactive brain wave art project using IBVA by Mariko Mori start. Shows in
Austria, New York, Genoa Italy, Venice ItalyGroninger Netherlands, AROS Denmark and Kiev Ukraine between 2003 to 2008.
Oct 10 :
The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has awarded The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2001. to William S. Knowles (Missouri USA), Ryoji Noyori (Nagoya Japan), K. Barry Sharpless (California USA). for their development of catalytic asymmetric synthesis.
Nov 5 :
Milton William Cooper died.
2002 -
Jan : IBVA V2.4.X for coherence function was completed.
March : IBVA Sony USA project was canceled by 9/11.
March :
Tera Hz computer technology was shows on CPU (Computer Power User) Magazine by Intel.
April : mariko mori crate UFO Body in Torino Italy that for “WaveUFO”. :
Torino Crop Circle 2010.
May 2 : Masahiro became American citizen.
May 26 : my daughter Etsu Kahata married with John Henry Whitehouse III..
May : Masahiro quit IBVA Technolgyes Inc, and start full time work for Psychic Lab.
Aug 2 : first movie that shows Crop Circle, “Signs” by Disney, $200 million investment.
Aug 15 :
West Winchester UK Alien face and disk code Crop Circle.
Aug 20 :
Signal to Space: Live out-of-this world Rock Concert and television special beta contract with Michael Luckman & masahiro that  for use IBVA.
Aug-Sep :
Cape Town, South Africa for launch of CPSA 2002 (Coherence Project South Africa 2002).
Sep-Oct :
Maya V4.5 Unlimited start to ship for Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP Professional, IRIX and Linux.
Oct 3 : Masahiro and Ayumi married.
Nov 19 :
Dec 02-12 : "
Taken" by Steven Spielberg.
2003 -
July 1 : Tesla Motors was incorporated in Delaware corporation in the U.S. California Sun Carlos city.
July 15 : masahiro
UFO Photo shooting from inside of train that from Newark airport to New York, when back from “Museum of Psychic experience” York UK after setup IBVA system.
Dec : "
Medi Spa, Float" opened in Cape Town South Africa, and I began IBVA coherence project for interactive multimedia healing.
2004 -
Brain wave VJ at Groovy Troopers, CristalVision etc. Cape Town.
March 20 : show IBVA at
Natural Medicine event program with Zeev, in Cape Town South Africa.
May : "
Museum of Psychic Experience" opened in York UK, they use IBVA for demonstrating interactive psychic experience.
Sep 27 :
John E. Mack, M.D. killed by car accident in London UK.
Oct 5 : Mexican Air force UFO Open.
Oct : Masahiro and Ayumi divorced.
Dec : Masahiro stay at  Hiyori’s AP in Tokyo Japan. Dec 26, tsunami Indian Ocean.
2005 -
Feb 26 : Jef Raskin died. Since 1979 Macintosh project.
May 15 : Start ship IBVA V4.1.0 for OSX.

May 20 Friday : Brazilian Air Force (FAB) UFO Open
July 26 : "Alien Rock" book by Michael Luckman, published by VH1. Introduce "Signal to Space concert" project witch will use IBVA as psychic amplifier.
Aug : "
MARKAWASI Peru " last recording, by Bill Cote, BC VIDEO, NY.
Sep 27.. Dec 31 :
The Perfect Medium : Photography and the Occult at Metropolitan Museum of the Art New York.
Dec : Bio and quantum interface system : IBVA 4, Psychic feedback, 3D Interactive
Brain VJ experience,  at  Nagano Japan. After masahiro and ayumi divorced masahiro and ayumi live together in Nagano to develop Bluetooth IBVA.
2006 -
Jan : First Intel Core Duo MacBook Pro announced, ship it on Feb 14.
April 22-23 : First
Maker Faire  held at San Mateo Fairgrounds.
Jun end : Start ship Bluetooth IBVA system.
July 9 : Celebrating the 150th anniversary of Nikola Tesla’s birth.
Tesla Monument at Niagara Falls Canadian side, work of Canadian sculptor Les Dryzdale.
July 19 :
Tesla motors officially unveiled roadster to the public in Santa Monica, California, at a 350-person invitation-only event held in Barker Hangar at Santa Monica Airport.
Aug 28 .. Sep 4 :
Brain DV/VJ at Burning man 2006.USA.
Oct 1 : TechShop officially opened in Menlo Park CA. SF TechShop opened March 2011.
Oct 6-8 : “
First Tesla Museum and Science Center International Conference on NIKOLA TESLASION TO CONNECT” at Long Island NY, USA. 150th anniversary of Tesla’s birth.
Oct 15 : “
Oct 18,20,21 : “
Violet Fire” : Nikola Tesla Opera.NY, USA.
Nov 18-26 : The San Francisco International Auto Show, held on first auto show Tesla Roadster's.
Dec 16 : Photosonic &
Brain VJ. NY USA.
2007 -
March 22 : France space agency (cnes) open UFO files.
April 12 : “Future of Sound” : QMU London UK
Oct 11 : “
Culture of Contact 2007” NY USA.
Oct : MOD = British Ministry of Defense open UFO files ( 12,000 files this 50 years ).
( NO 1: 14 May 2008, NO 2: Oct 2008, NO 3: March 2009, NO 4:Aug 2009, NO 5: Feb 2010, NO 6: Aug 2010. Planning to open UFO file until 2012, however MOD decided closes UFO hotline on 1 December 2009. MOD page. Still we can access UFO archives at UK government national archives.)
Nov : Quartz Composer Brain Plugin for OSX10.5.
Dec : Sony 11” OLED TV XEL-1 launching in Japan. 2008, Jan-Feb launching in USA.
Dec:Ze'ev Drori become CEO & President of Tesla motors.
2008 -
Jan 8 : A mile long UFO sightings by many people in Stephenville TX, USA.
Feb 5 : Maharishi Mahesh Yogi died. Transcendental Meditation.
Feb (
delivered): Mar 17 : The first production vehicle "the tesla roadster (Tesla Roadster)" of Tesla motors was sold.  The sports car of the complete battery car that used lithium ion. The company produced 500 similar vehicles through June 2009.
April 17..20 :  “
X conference” Washington DC
April 29 : Albert Hofmann died at age 102. He first synthesized LSD on November 16, 1938 and used himself on April 16, 1943.
May 1 :
memristors : the fourth passive component type..
Jun 1 :
pi Crop Circle.
Jun 9-13 : “WWDC”
Poster Session for IBVA
July 11 : “
The Reflecting Pool
July 24-27 : “
MUFON 2008”.
Aug 8 : 08 08 08 Infinity Crop Circle in UK.
Oct : Smart shop and Prostitution store prohibited from Amsterdam Netherlands.
Coffee shop that has sold marijuana is restricted to half. Amsterdam in this time was a very mysterious feeling.
Oct : Musk succeeded Ze'ev Drori as CEO. Drori became Vice Chairman for Tesla motors.
Oct 16..18 : “
Culture of Contact 2008”.
Dec 12 : “
The day the Earth stood still” Movie. new edition from 1951 by Robert Wise.
2009 -
Jan 29 : Denmark Air Force UFO Disclosure.
31 Jan : Start to ship BrainDJVJ Application for iPhone.
Feb 20 : Canada open UFO X-files.
March : Movie “haunting in connecticut”. Based on true events. at times square theatre they have 25 rooms and show 5 rooms for this movie.
April 5 : Large strange circle observed on the Thin Ice, Lake Baikal, Russia, by MODIS images.
April 11 : FIONS 20th Anniversary 2009. NY. Colin Andrews, Edgar Mitchell.
April 17..19 :
X conference 2009. One of speaker Graham Hancok talk the about his book “Supernatural”. First time Shaman drug alien related speaker at UFO conference in USA.
April 20 : Exopolitics 2009 Press Conference : National Press Club.

May 4 : Brazilian Government disclosed over 600 UFO new pages.
May 9 : Sweden disclosing 18000 UFO x-files.
Jun beginning : I got mail from The White House for President Obama is committed to making his Administration the most open and transparent in history, and the Internet will play a major role in delivering on that promise. WhiteHouse.gov.
Jun :
Tesla motors was approved to receive $465 million in interest-bearing loans from the United States Department of Energy, start to sale Tesla Roadster as $128,500.
Jun 21, 23, 30 : Milk Hill, Wiltshire UK Crop Circle.
June 24 : Uruguayan air force declassifies UFO files.
Jun 25 : When I talk with my X wife Ayumi by phone, she told me that Michael Jackson died and he was grate person she said.
July 6 : A very significant event has occurred at Silbury Hill, Wiltshire
Crop Circle.
July 7 : "IBVA V4.9.5.4"
Brain wave & Sound wave experience with OSX 10.6.
July 13 : Glitch hits Visa users with more than $23 quadrillion charge :
CNN news
July 21 : Russian navy has declassifies UFO files.
Aug 25 : "IBVA V4.9.5.8" add new function to
QC graph and Sound QC graph with OSX 10.6.
Sep 1..30 : IBVA
coherence experience in Sapporo Japan. Japan political change.
Sep 10 : British Prime Minister Gordon Brown made an official public apology on behalf of the British government for the way in which Alan Turing was treated after the war. 55 years that after he died.
Oct 1..5 : IBVA
coherence experience in Amsterdam Netherlands.
Oct : picapicakaishi.
Oct 6 :
Sony’s CEATEC concept party, Walkman bracelet and 0.2mm thin OLED Video.
Oct 7 :
modular scalable OLED 155-inches display was introduced by Mitsubishi
Oct 14 : I ask to Didier Cremieux for upgrade to IBVA 5.
Oct 20..24 : hyper Sun and cloud start.
Photo by BBC.   I did not take photo.
Oct 21 : i5 & i7 iMac introduced. But start to ship it Nov 2009.
Oct 21 : check Fedex cost to ship it to London by 2nd day.
Oct 21..24 : many strange peoples voice and sound from outside of my room.
Oct 23 : I got call from Tej, London. then got wire from him. then I bring IBVA to Fedex, ship to Tej, London. This will get on Monday 26 Oct, Fedex said. and Get it that day in London.
Oct 24 : when I try cut paper that use for IBVA not easy to cut. Sun light is directly spot this process. After this I bring it to post office to send it IBVA UK by Express mail.
Oct 24 : “
Always Close Art Room” is open. 5 .. 10 people inside.
Oct 25 : Colorado Cattle mutilations. Start Cattle mutilations this area since 1967.
Oct 27 :
photo : Moon and Mt. Fuji : released on Nov 6, 2009
Oct 27 : Start to make UK, EROPE, EU distributor agreement with IBVA UK, Luciana Haill.
Oct 27 : “
Time Control Technologies and Methods” by the Anderson Institute open as Educational Resources.
Oct 28 : I got E-mail : NB Info : Answer your EC  (
Extra Celestial ) Questions The Easy Way.
Oct 28 : I try to call to my girlfriend Hiyori, iPhone was so strange sound, can not call. I did re-start iPhone then it’s works ok, use with skype wifi connection to Sapporo Japan.
Oct 28 : "Michael Jackson’s This Is It" First Michael Jackson document movie.
Oct 28 : "
OpenMinds" start : Antonio Huneeus. The Obama administration’s startling UFO connections.
Oct 29 :
Brazil complex crop circle.
Nov 6 : "
The Fourth Kind" First the fourth kind UFO document movie that used actual video and sound recording.
Nov 7 : "
Play with Fire event" start at Brooklyn NY.
Nov 9 : Colorado Cattle mutilations.
Nov 9 :
Andrew Basiago is predicted “planetary level” whistleblower for Mars life and time travel : by Alfred Lambremont Webre, Seattle Exopolitics Examiner.
Nov 11 :
Andrew D.Basiago on the Radio Coast-To-Coast AM with George Noory. Project Pegasus, secret DARPA program. US time-space exploration program. US government to disclose its teleportation secret.
Nov 15 : "
Play with Fire event" : Brain wave DJVJ with IBVA & iPhone at Brooklyn.
Nov 16 : Colorado Cattle mutilations.
Nov 17 : "Play with Fire event at HARVESTWORKS" : Manhattan NY.
Masahiro & Kinotek from ROME Italy.
Nov 18 : Scan for Sapporo Photo “FLEAR UFO Study Group, 1984, 1985” got strange angle.
Nov 23 : Start to make India distributor agreement with Alpha Matrix Technologies Limited London UK, Tej Samani.
Nov 23 : Didier Cremieux send me pdf files for IBVA 5.
Nov 26 : J.V. Gonzalez Argentina South America, 200 m cigar shape UFO object sighting. few hounded people witness and black out power fail happened 12 hours in 200 sq Km, also telephone line was dead.
Dec 1 :
MOD decided closes UFO hotline : MOD page. Still - (19 Dec 2009) we can access UFO archives at UK government national archives.
Dec 9 : In night time large pyramidal UFO over Kremlin Red Square, Moscow Russian, video captured. Same night vortex spiral lights in Norway, many witness and video captured.
Dec 15 : Argentina South America, UFO sighting and cell phone was effect.
Dec 23 :
Dr. David Lewis Anderson, director of the Anderson Institute, emerged publicly in a two-hour interview at Other World Radio, give an extensive account of his time control research for the U.S. Air Force, which he later continued at his Time Travel Research Institute and other organization.
Dec :
Tesla motors, 900 Roadsters to customers in the United States and Europe. The Tesla Roadster, the company's first vehicle, is the first production automobile to use lithium-ion battery cells and the first production EV with a range greater than 200 miles (320 km) per charge.[1] The base model accelerates 0–60 mph (97 km/h) in 3.9 seconds


2010 : June 13 : Torino Italy : E = MC ^ 2  Crop Circle

2010 : June 21 : Golden ratio : Phi Crop Circle

2010 - 22 Dec : New Zealand military, hundreds of classified reports released.

2012 - 5 Aug : Australia National Archives : Australia’s sectret UFO files released.

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